A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter I
Health is perfect adaptation of an organism to Us environment. Disease is a disruption of this harmony. Its causes may be internal or external. Toxic drugs have both temporary and permanent effects. Recent studies of the influences of heredity and environment previously somewhat artificially separatedlead to increasingly constructive conclusions.
The glands influence bodily development and character through secretions of hormones, and maladjustment of these cause physical and psychical disorders.
While disease is still a problem, health is more real. Pain has a biological value in some cases. It helps in diagnosis and enforces rest but should be abolished when useless.
Christians have held different attitudes tozvards disease. The outlook that bodily suffering is good for the soul is superstitious, for fesus* cry on the Cross suggests that He felt that, when His suffering became intense, God had in some way failed Him.
The fallacy that to suffer is a sign of God's graciousness cannot be substantiated. Does He hate the healthy ? If God sends sickness how can His Kingdom stand? Will it not be divided against itself ? For we are told that He desires that man should be whole. St. Paulspoint that in Divine Providence evil will ultimately become good confirms this.