A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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pitched and the beard is scanty or absent. It has been alleged that castrated males tend to be weak, depressed, sluggish, unambitious and lacking in aggressiveness. However, many notable persons in history were eunuchs. Origen is a notable example. The probability is that if castration occurs after puberty these psychological traits are not apparent. Also the psychological efifect of the mutilation must be very important and may outweigh the effects of glandular deficiency.
The sex hormones of the female, secreted in the ovaries, are more numerous and more complicated in their action. One hormone, contained in the liquid of each follicle, or unit of structure of the ovary, is theelin. This acts in a manner rather analogous to the gonadal hormone of the male. It stimulates the reproductive organs and the breasts and determines the secondary sex characteristics of the female. Theelin is secreted constantly throughout life until the menopause. Ber-man I7 (p. 67) describes the effect of the ' gonads' on the female as follows :
' A woman who has a delicate skin, lovely complexion, well-formed breasts and menstruates freely, will be found to have the typical feminine outlook on life, aspirations and reactions to stimuli, which, in spite of the protests of our feminists, do constitute the biological feminine mind. Large, vascular, balanced ovaries are the well-springs of her life and personality. On the other hand, the woman who menstruates poorly or not at all, is coarse-featured, flat-breasted, heavily built, angular in her outlines, will also be often aggressive, dominating, even enterprising and pioneering ; in short, masculoid. She is what she is because she possesses small, shrivelled, poorly functioning ovaries/
A hormone of different nature, termed progestin, is secreted periodically by the corpus lutewn which consists