A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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but it supplements the psychological conceptions and does not replace or refute them. Professor Spearman2H (vol. 2, p. 1601) writes :
' Tremendous as may be, however, all such effects of glandular secretion upon mental experience, they remain none the less indirect. The secretion cannot be supposed to influence the mental processes immediately on its formation. Instead, it has to enter the blood and remain there till at last it initiates the almost unknown processes of the body which do directly subserve those of the psyche. Hardly dissimilar in principle from the preceding indirect influences of the sensory stimulation and of the glandular secretions are those of health. Indeed, there appears to be no sharp dividing line. What is known about the effect of glandular secretion on mental activity consists in little else than that any disturbance of the one produces some parallel disturbance of the other/
Many must sympathize with Dr. William Brown's31 (pp. 2, 3) statement that we should not be too ready to believe that modern medical science has the truth in general in regard to health and disease. No one has yet dealt with the question of health and disease from a philosophical standpoint. ' It is possible that health has to do with a right insight, so far as it goes, into the truth of existence, and a right appreciation of the values of existence, and that, instead of saying that truth depends upon health, philosophically we can say with equal a priori probability that health depends on a right outlook. As error is a falling away from truth, so disease is a falling away from health. Health is more real than disease in the same sense that truth is more real than error. Although much illness can be thought of in terms of bacterial infection, etc., yet the vital reaction of the organism and its powers of resistance are decisive factors in