A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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about the bodily condition. Any attempt to separate the material aspects of life from the spiritual will inevitably lead to religious degeneracy. Man cannot live by spirit alone any more than he can live by bread alone.
The great lesson which Jesus taught was that a man's moral condition depended upon his inward state, and in .he same way, his physical health depends upon the A^holesomeness of his general outlook on life and his tactions to his surroundings. Again, that mental wholeness without which the race cannot progress :oward God also implies bodily health. The superstition that bodily suffering is good for the soul is a :onsequence of noting only the positive instances in which spiritual progress has followed illness, and of "orgetting the negative instances; of the idea that goodness consists in abstention from indulgences which happen to be forbidden to the sick ; and of the fact :hat sickness gives time for reflection upon things of eternity which is often grudged in time of health. The miseries of men are not the result of the cruelty of God but of the failure of men so to order their inner lives that they obtain the peace of God, with all its re-creating power. The prevalent belief that health cannot be imparted by spiritual means is due to the delusion that matter and spirit are the antithesis of one another, and that even if they are not opponents, they are at least divorced from each other and incapable of any interaction. From this there has followed a tendency to hold in contempt whatever could be described as ' merely spiritual \ and the underlying assumptions of all living and thinking have become materialistic.
Modern prophets, in taking up this attitude, differ very significantly from their predecessors whose intuitions are preserved in the Old Testament. For them it was their grasp of spiritual values which gave them