A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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a confirmed ascetic.140 Later, however, compromising with the world and allowing itself to be influenced by the nobility of those ascetics who either remained outside, or worked even more effectively inside, the Church soon came to make her venture primarily one for spiritual good. There followed, as the idea of evolution began to take possession of thought, a conception of a mechanical, physical salvation. Now, those who accepted this view have been somewhat disillusioned, while those who still accept the Christian conception of progress as being dependent upon faith in God are driven to believe that there must have been some wrong emphasis in their outlook, some neglect of vital factors.
Many of us believe that we must base our faith more firmly and simply upon the conviction of the love of the Creator for the creation. We must ask ourselves whether the power of the Spirit if we acknowledged that power could both build up for us a more perfect earthly life and a new civilization. Where this belief is strongly held a realization has been attained of the spiritual nature of human life which is absent where God is regarded as being over against nature. In the past it has often been taught that God's power was something which was exercised in anger and Whose purpose was destruction. But a child or a lunatic can destroy : creative power is that which informs the life of the individual and the structure of society, building them up from within and thus making them truly glorious in their own right. All this implies that those who have in charge the healing of the body, as well as sociologists and religious leaders, should keep always in the forefront of their minds the unshakable conviction that ultimate reality, that from which the universe has its existence and to which it is tending, is spiritual and is good, and that therefore, even in the healing of the body, the patient's spiritual needs