A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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to be viewed not as history but as an interpretation of history. ' Having observed ', says Clement of Alexandria, ' that the bodily things had been exhibited in the other Gospels, John, inspired by the Spirit, produced a spiritual Gospel/ This indicates what is now generally admitted, that the Fourth Gospel was written later than the other three and that the author was probably acquainted with them. ' The bodily things ' are the historical facts recorded by the first three Evangelists ; the fourth draws from these their divine and eternal significance.
As it is with the facts that we are primarily concerned we ourselves must turn to the Synoptics. Of these it is generally agreed that Mark is the earliest. Both Matthew and Luke are believed to have made use of Mark's Gospel and to have included in their work almost the whole of his material. They follow his outline, and when they desert the order of his narrative they disagree with each other.
Matthew and Luke also make use of another literary source consisting mainly, if not entirely, of collections of the sayings ascribed to Jesus. This document has been named ' Quelle ', the German word meaning ' source ' or ' spring ', and is usually referred to as ' Q \ It is independent of Mark but was composed about the same time. With this and other sources, however, we shall not be concerned.
In spite of the apologetic tendencies traceable in the selection of material and in certain instances of interpretation, Mark's Gospel will be found on examination to provide generally reliable guide to an understanding of the life of Jesus, and especially of His therapeutic activities. It will be noticed that a large portion of this Gospel consists of small paragraphs (most of which were later incorporated into Matthew and Luke) relating to