A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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ments of the upper part of his body Achille's arms were insensible to pricking and pinching an old-time proof of demoniacal possession. In the end this modern exorcist persuaded the devil, as a proof of his power over the unhappy man, to send Achille to sleep ; and in that suggested sleep Janet interrogated the demoniac, and learnt the secret of his malady. He had been acting out for all these months the course of a most unhappy dream. During the short absence which preceded his attack he had been unfaithful to his wife. Possessed with a morbid terror of betraying his fault, he had become dumb. The physicians who had been called in had unwittingly suggested, by their questions, the symptoms of one or two fatal maladies, and his morbid dream-self had promptly seized upon the hints and realized them with surprising fidelity. In the slow development of his uneasy dream the time came for the man to die ; and after death there remained for such a sinner as he nothing but damnation. The lesser devils stuck nails into the flesh, and Satan himself, squeezing through the holes so made, entered on an ambiguous co-tenancy of the returned body.
It is pleasant to record that Janet was able to dispel the evil dream and restore the sufferer to his right mind. He quotes this case of dissociation to illustrate what he called the ' subconscious system \
The symptoms of the two cases are obviously alike. We are not told in how many sittings Janet's cure was effected but it would seem that once the correct diagnosis had been made it was rapid. We must not ignore the possibility that the case mentioned by Mark was hystero-epilepsy rather than organic in origin. There is sufficient evidence to show that the treatment adopted by Jesus was more direct and penetrating. At the time of Jesus' ministry there was believed among healers to be a special