A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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been taken ill while the others were in the synagogue, but it can be argued against this that, as Peter himself does not appear to have been in the synagogue, he may have been at home attending to her. Luke describes the complaint as ' a great fever \ Jesus took the woman by her hand and raised her.
Suggestion is effective in checking diarrhoea and also in putting an end to constipation and both of these can raise the temperature. Fever is also the outcome of disturbances in the arterial system and the blood supply can be regulated by suggestion. Hadfield9I has succeeded in altering the temperature as measured by the thermometer of the hand of a patient by 260 (from 68° F. to 940 F.). This he did in the course of twenty minutes by means of suggestion in a waking condition. It is not improbable that Peter's mother-in-law had been told of Jesus' healing power and the previous story, granted its reliability, may have been used as a vivid illustration. The treatment is interestingly narrated by the Evangelists. Luke seems to have been acquainted with popular magic since he says that Jesus ' rebuked the fever ' ; though he may, of course, have wanted to indicate the power of Jesus over all diseases alike, as he describes similar treatment both in this case and the previous one.
The Cleansing of the Leper (Mark i, 40-48). A very notable cure, presumably the first of its kind, took place at Capernaum. A leper came to Jesus and besought Him to heal him. Leprosy is called saraat in Aramaic. There are two kinds, ordinary saraat and vaga saraat. It is not lepra but a sickness now known as vitiligo. There is a nervously occasioned form of the same disease and it is characteristic of this that the skin appears snow-white at a certain stage. Some take this leprosy for what is now known as psoriasis, but