A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the symptoms of this complaint do not tally with the symptoms described in the Bible, where a leper is almost always spoken of as being ' as white as snow \ This does coincide with the symptoms of vitiligo. The man said to Jesus, ' If you wish you are able to cleanse me \ Jesus, filled with pity, touched the leper and, using the man's own words, said to him, ' I do wish it: be cleansed ' ; and he was immediately cleansed. Then Jesus sternly sent him away, saying, ' Take care not to say anything to anyone, but be off, show yourself to the priest, and offer for your cleansing what Moses commanded for a testimony \ The man went away but, disregarding the injunction laid upon him, spread the story everywhere.
Mark's account is extraordinarily vivid. Pity and the courage of certainty mark the action of Jesus. The patient was regarded as a leper and as such it was unlawful to touch him ; when Jesus did so He took decisive action and this must have fully convinced the man that he was cured. Jesus also showed His certainty of the success of His cure by telling the man to do what Moses commanded in such cases ; for until he had done that he could not return to his home and to his friends. Nineteen hundred years after this demonstration the truth underlying it is just being realized; and the psychogenic factor in some skin diseases is scientifically being proved.l8a M. Coue asserts that he has known of a case of rodent ulcer being cured by faith methods and suggestion is now used in the treatment of eczema I4 (p. 234). A Swiss friend of mine told me that he was cured of eczema by Dr. Jung within a few sittings.
The Healing of the Paralytic (Mark ii, 3-12). Jesus was in Capernaum once again. It is said that He was ' at home ' and this probably means that he was in Peter's house. Like most houses in the East which