A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the woman came forward with fear and trembling and told the truth. Jesus said to her, ' Daughter, thy faith hath healed thee ' ; and then, to remove her morbid fears, He added, ' Go in peace and be free from your complaint \
Coue had some success in dealing with this kind of trouble as has August Forel6l who writes: ' The most extraordinary phenomena of suggestion are found in the vasomotor, secretory and exudative actions. One can produce menstruation in women by simply prophesying during hypnosis, or can cause it to stop. One can regulate its intensity and duration/
It is interesting to note the different interpretations put upon this event by Jesus and His disciples. Mark says, ' Jesus knew that He had been touched because He felt power go forth from Him ' ; in Luke's narrative this idea is further developed for there Jesus says to Peter, ' Someone did touch me, for I am conscious that power went forth from me '. Such, it seems, was the popular belief in the healer for Matthew tells the story very simply. On the other hand, some faith healers, notably Mr. Hickson, have stated very definitely that they have felt an effluence of spiritual power during the laying on of hands. Whether this feeling would be experienced when there was no consciousness that the healing was taking place is another matter. In Jesus we are dealing with a person Who has always been acknowledged to be very highly sensitive and One Who was ready to give Himself to the uttermost all the time ; it was not in His nature to hold Himself back. As soon as the woman approached, therefore, He would know of it and would intuitively understand her state of mind. If, then, He did in actual fact feel power go out from Him as the Evangelists say, it was not because He was a mere magnet, but because He possessed in high degree