A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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told me everything that I ever did \ The Evangelists do not tell us whether Jesus knew anything of the girl's condition ; but, however that may be, when He overheard what was being said by people in the crowd, He said to Jairus, ' Do not be afraid ; only have faith \ Then, allowing only Peter, James and John to accompany Him perhaps in order to avoid disturbing the father's conscience furtherHe entered the house and found the mourners already weeping and wailing as was their wont. Jesus asked : ' Why do you weep and make all this fuss ? The little child is not dead but sleeps/ At this they all laughed, but Jesus sent them away and, taking with Him the parents and the three disciples, He went into the room where the girl was lying, grasped her hand and said in her native Aramaic, * Talitha qumi' (dear girlie, or little maid, get up). Finally, showing great tenderness and appreciation of human need, He directed that she should be given something to eat. The mourners were lost in amazement when they saw the child alive and well, but Jesus, possibly because of His humility, charged them to let no one know what He had done.
The Deaf Man with the Impediment in his Speech (Mark vii, 31-36). Once more Jesus was in the Deca-polis district and, this time, a deaf man who stammered was brought to Him with the request that He would lay His hands on him. Jesus took the patient aside, put His fingers into his ears, touched his tongue with saliva and, looking up to heaven with a sigh, He said to him, ' Ephphatha } (be opened). At once he was able to hear and speak normally. G. G. Dawson says that the Jews prohibited the use of saliva in connection with incantations and spells as being pagan ; but, as we have already noted, the Decapolis was pagan, and as there was a popular belief that saliva had therapeutic