A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the teaching is the interpretation of a life which found its highest good in conduct of which the compassionate healing is representative. Nevertheless, if we are to penetrate at all into the consciousness of Jesus, if we are to have any understanding of Him other than that of the mystic, it is necessary to approach this most remarkable of all personalities by means of well-defined channels, and one of these is His therapeutic activities. Harnack has said that ' What is most remarkable about the religion of Jesus is not what He includes in it but what He excludes from it \ There is much truth in this statement, but in this work we are regarding the life of Jesus from a slightly different angle : it is our endeavour to find out in what consisted the uniqueness of one branch of His activitiesthe healingand out of what kind of mentality it was from which these activities sprang.
Primarily Jesus was interested in the relationship between God and men ; and through all His teaching there ran the idea that what mattered was that a man's inner state should be such as would keep him in harmony with God. Beside this, all upon which His contemporaries laid stress law, ritual, convention sank into insignificance. Right conduct would inevitably flow from a healthy soul. He claimed to override the traditions of the Elders and to extend, deepen and spiritualize the Law of Moses. At the root of His teaching lay what has been called a transvaluation of all values in the light of our divine sonship, our human brotherhood and our heavenly citizenship. For the sake of true religion it might be necessary that the Temple itself should be destroyed ; in the interests of righteousness it might be necessary to treat the law arbitrarily, because there was something which transcended a legal system which in the last resort was only regulative and