A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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magic, which, when He returned to Palestine, He used to support His claims to divinity. This charge is not regarded as original but is thought to have been derived from earlier Jewish accusations which are reflected in the Talmud. Some modern students, of whom Dr. Major is representative, think that it may have been with the object of meeting these accusations that Matthew recorded the flight into Egypt. Levertoff and Goudge, writing in the New Commentary, accept the flight into Egypt as an historical fact and, to the present day, there is in Egypt itself a tradition that Jesus did visit that country. Three places have been associated with this visit from very early times the church of St. Sergius in old Cairo, the Virgin Tree in Matariah and the Monastery of Qusquam in Upper Egypt.
In exorcising demons it was generally supposed to be necessary to adjure them in the name of one greater than themselves, but it is of interest to observe that Jesus never appears to have employed the name of any spiritual agency in this way. He was no ordinary exorcist, trusting in the quality of His incantations and the devices of art to effect a cure ; His method was simple and direct.
So far the question whether Jesus believed in the existence of Satan or not, has not been definitely answered and it is, perhaps, impossible ever to find a true answer. But as regards the subsidiary question, whether Jesus conceived of mental disorders as due to devil-possession, our answer depends on the interpretation of the individual cases. The accounts of the three definitely mental cases are undoubtedly original in form if not in substance. If they were altogether unauthentic the question would, of course, not arise at all; but if they are true in substance it is quite possible that Jesus did not share the view of the narrators. It is seldom