A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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an illustration: ' The sincere acceptance of the principles and teachings of Christ with respect to the life of mental peace and joy, the life of unselfish thought and clean living, would at once wipe out more than one-half the difficulties, diseases and sorrows of the human race ' {ibid. p. 1073). Highly valued though such an estimate must be, however, the Christian Gospel makes greater claims than this ; it is the solvent not of half but of all the troubles of mankind ; it claims universality.
When all that can be said about the healing deeds of Jesus has been said they still retain their miraculous aspect. They are, in fact, not only miracles from the religious point of view ; they are also the ideal of science, whose aim is to produce instantaneous and perfect cures. It has taken the world 1900 years to learn the truth that the underlying factor in this is the faith of the patient. How long will it take man to reach the position which Jesus attained ? That is a question which man will be able to answer when he is like-minded with the Son of Man. Jesus was not a modern man although the spirit and principles which proceed from Him are ever new in their creative and transforming power.
What, then, was the character of this Jesus ? What kind of person is it from Whom so rich and persuasive a teaching proceeds ? To understand this it is necessary to become, in sympathy and in spirit, a contemporary of Jesus, seeking to see Him in the fullness of His humanity and in the context within which He moved. For this purpose we must take what Plato called a ' synoptic view ' to grasp the whole, regardless of how many minute and superficially conflicting elements that whole may consist. Detaching ourselves therefore, so far as is practicable, from the traditions and presuppositions which thrust themselves between the Gospels and their readers ; setting ourselves in imagination, if we may, on