A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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a hillside in Galilee, or in a street of Jerusalem, in the days of Jesus, what, we ask ourselves, is the impression we receive from this new Master Who arrests our attention and compels our obedience ?
It would be of extraordinary interest if we might, in the first place, picture to ourselves the external appearance and physical traits of Jesus. Search has been made honestly, and imposture has striven to satisfy the desire to procure some portraits of Him, but nothing exists that can be accepted, notwithstanding the fables of King Abgarus of Edessa or of St. Luke or of St. Veronica's napkin. The simple record, however, offers practically no material for the reproduction of His face or form. It is indeed reported, not without great suggestiveness, that the first impression of His teaching was for the moment created not so much by its contents, striking as these were, as by the demeanour and personality of the Teacher. ' He taught as One having authority' (exousza)y is the first comment of the narrator. Authority and affection, playfulness and gravity, the light of love and the shadow of rebuke, must have touched in quick succession the face of Jesus. The more we know Him with all His winsomeness the more we are drawn to Him and our love flows to meet His. No man ever detested Jesus, though many have been indifferent. Although he knew in his heart that Jesus was well aware of his purpose in greeting Him, Judas was none the less able to move towards Him and betray Him with a kiss; even in that bitter moment Jesus' spirit of comradeship was not extinguished.
It is striking to notice how often the word ' power ' is applied in the New Testament to the influence of Jesus. ' His word was with power', says Luke. When He announced the principles of His teaching, He did not prove or argue or threaten like the scribes ; He