A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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swayed the multitude by personal power. Solemn exaltations of mood, experiences of prolonged temptations, moments of mystic rapture, occur indeed in His career ; but when we consider what a part these emotional agitations have played in the history of religion, one is profoundly impressed by the sanity, reserve, composure and steadiness of the character of Jesus.
On the other hand is the intellectual aspect of the same quality of power a strength of reasoning, a sagacity, insight and alertness of mind which give Him authority over the mind no less than the will.
On almost every page of the Gospels there are indications that the new Master was neither unlettered nor untrained ; but equipped with intellectual as well as spiritual authority. An interesting witness of this untaught wisdom may be found in the attitude of Jesus to nature which in every phase and form is His instructor, His companion, His consolation, and each incident of nature is observed by Him with sympathetic insight and keen delight. He is a poet rather than a naturalist; but with Him as with all great interpreters of nature, poetic insight gives significance to the simplest facts. The hen and her chickens, the gnat in the cup, the camel in the narrow street, the fig-tree and its fruit, the fishermen sorting their catch all these and many other little incidents which met His observant eye become eloquent with the great message of the Kingdom.
A further and still more striking evidence of His intellectual mastery was a certain lightness of touch which Jesus often employed in controversy, and which sometimes approaches the play of humour, and sometimes the thrust of irony. His enemies attack Him with bludgeons, and He defends Himself with a rapier. ' Truth was His sword and love His shield/ No test of mastery is more complete than His capacity to make of