A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter IV
The early Church, despite PauVs systematization of the charismatic gifts, failed to follow the therapeutic methods of Jesus. The formula, * in the Name of Jesus \ led to the institution of exorcism. This, at its best, retarded development. Vincent de Paul's attitude is remarkable, but belief in demon possession still persists, e.g. in Abyssinia.
James* injunction to anoint the sick with oil forms the basis of the sacrament of Unction which, at its worst, gave a hearty invitation to death against which it was originally intended. Cures have been attributed to saints both living and dead. The value of Lourdes is evident, though Bernadette's vision may not have been of the Virgin Mary.
Christian Science claims that Mrs. Eddy discovered the true principles of Jesus' healing. Even though she may have owed more to Quimby than is acknowledged, her Church has put the love of God in the forefront of its teaching and in this is true to the mind of Christ. But in her denial of the existence of matter, Mrs. Eddy was speaking an apocalyptic language which, though addressed to human beings, concerns the world of spirits.
Besides the short-lived Emmanuel Movement the Guild of Health and various individuals are still witnessing to-day to the healing ministry of the Church. But there is no distinct conception of spiritual healing based on the charisma.