A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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were taken into Jairus' house much as advanced medical students might be shown an interesting case by their teacher. Discipleship, according to the Aramaic original (from lamad), conveys the idea of training in theory and practice. Thus the disciples become apostles (from apostolos, one sent forth) when, towards the end of His earthly career, Jesus sent them into active work, their course having been completed. Yet no exclusiveness was claimed for this mission ; work was to be judged by its fruits and those who were not against Jesus were with Him. If they worked in His spirit their efforts were to be welcomed, even if they had not been personally trained by Him.
Evidence is not lacking that the disciples acted accordingly. When Peter and John went up to the Temple and saw a lame man begging they did not hesitate to act as the Master had done. The man had been lame from birth and was daily carried by his friends to the Beautiful Gate of the Temple where he asked alms of those who were entering. He begged of the apostles as he would have done of anyone else, but then, the narrative continues : ' Peter looked at him steadily, as did John, and said, " Look at us ". The man attended, expecting to get something from them/ But Peter told the man that he had no money but would give what he had, and then said, ' In the Name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk ! ' Peter then raised the man by his right hand and ' instantly his feet and ankles grew strong; he leapt to his feet, started to walk, and accompanied them into the Temple, walking and leaping and praising God \ The people were awestruck at what had happened (Acts iii, 1 f.). The psychological influence in the process of healing is here very obvious. Fixing the eyes was an undeveloped form of hypnotism and the command to rise and walk is very strong suggestion.