A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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and she felt the ' water as warm as the water for washing plates and dishes \ While drying her feet she told them ' The water of the canal is not so cold as you seemed to make believe ! '
' You are very fortunate not to find it so ; we found it very cold/ was their reply.
On the way back before they got to the house, Bernadette told her sister about the ' extraordinary things' that happened to her at the grotto, asking her to keep it secret.
Throughout the whole day the image of the Lady remained in her mind. In the evening at the family prayer she was troubled and began to cry.
The mother asked what was the matter ? Her sister hastened to answer for her and Bernadette was obliged to give an account of the ' wonder ' which had come to her that day.
'These are illusions/ answered the mother; 'you must drive these ideas out of your head, and especially not go back again to Massabieille/
She went to bed but could not sleep. The face of the Lady returned incessantly to her memory, and it was useless to recall what her mother had said to her. ' I could not believe that I had been deceived/ she said.
Thus we have a very interesting psychic case.
If the sound did occur, was it of a storm ? Was it of the mill which might have restarted after the lunch hour ? Did seeing the bush while taking off the shoes suggest the story of the burning bush of Moses which Bernadette might have known ?
These are perhaps secondary points ; but we are obliged to ask who the Lady really was.
When Bernadette was asked to give a detailed description of the Lady, this is what she replied :