A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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woman friend of hers accompanied Bernadette to Massa-bieille, when she had her third experience. While Bernadette was in ecstasy, Antoinette Peyret, still absorbed in the thought of her dead friend, the president of the Guild, said to her, giving her the pen and paper she had brought, ' Please ask the Lady if she has anything to tell us and in that case if she would be so good as to write it \
Bernadette took three or four steps towards the rock, then realizing even without turning round that the two women were following her, she signalled to them with her hand to remain behind. When she had reached the bush, Bernadette stood on tiptoe and presented the pen and paper to the Vision. She remained for some moments in this attitude, looking towards the opening, and seemed to listen to words which came from the top of the recess. She then lowered her arms, made a profound inclination, and returned to her original place. ' As one might expect, the paper remained blank/ Bernadette said to Antoinette Peyret that the Lady's answer was :
' There is no need for me to write down what I have to say to you/
Then she added that the Lady asked her to come here for fifteen days.
' Since the Lady consents to speak to you/ said the women, ' why do you not ask her name ? '
i I have done so/
' Well, who is she ? '
' I do not know ; she lowered her head with a smile, but she did not answer/
And so Antoinette Peyret did not get a direct answer to her anxious question, ' Who is "the Lady ? ' At a subsequent interview, however, the Lady is said to have replied to a request for her name, ' Immaculate Con-