A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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great circle of the sick, lying there before their eyes in hopes of healing. They have come with them hundreds of weary miles in that great hope. They have watched their sufferings on the road. They have comforted and sustained them with hopeful words. And now the crucial moment is at hand the moment that has been so wistfully looked forward to for weeks and months, through days and nights of weariness and pain.
The Lord's Prayer is repeated after the priest. Then he cries aloud, like one of the prophets of old, and each invocation is repeated three times by priest and people, and each time with increasing force and fervour :
' Lord, have mercy on us ! '
' Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we believe in Thee/
' Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we hope in Thee/
1 Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we love Thee/
' Lord, we believe in Thee, but increase our faith/ Lord, give us peace ! '
' Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us ! '
' Lord, he whom Thou lovest is sick/
' Lord, speak but one word, and we shall be healed ! '
' Lord, make me to see ! '
' Lord, make me to hear ! '
' Lord, make me to walk ! '
Many more are addressed to Our Lady of Lourdes, begging her to add her petitions to theirs.
But some especially, the ' Lord, make me to see . . . to hear ... to walk!' still ring in one's ear. There is a fierce, hungry craving in the short, terse sentences, ' Faites que je vols /' . . . ' Faites que j'entends /' . . . ' Faites que je marche / ' which rattle out like the fire of machine-guns.
And every one of the sick knows that it is all for them. The concentrated thought and prayers of all