A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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of cure. It is essential to recognize that here faith is unlimited by creed or dogma.
If it be granted that the cures of Lourdes are results of suggestion, working under the particularly favourable conditions of a simple religious trust, making the requisite abandonment of effort reasonable and easy, it by no means follows that the scientifically self-conscious use of suggestion would produce the same effect. Suggestibility is highly intensified in that Lourdes is world famous, reputed to be under supernatural favour, and consequently the cumulative effect is such as cannot be reproduced by mere mundane methods of suggestion. This may be one of the unavoidable losses which accompany intellectual enlightenment. On the other hand, it may be possible for the modern man, with full acceptance of the point of view of modern science, to find a reasonable ground for approaching religious healing with just the same simplicity of faith as the pilgrim at Lourdes. Then, and only then, will the miracles of Lourdes be possible for him.
Up to this point we have been dealing with the healing ministry in the orthodox Christian Churches which, at its best, is based on Apostolic teaching and practice ; there is nowhere any trace of an attempt to adopt the attitude of Jesus Himself. Christian Science, however, claims not only to do this but actually to go a step further. The founder, Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy,52 says : ' Our Master healed the sick, practised Christian healing and taught the generalities of its divine principle to His students ; but He left no definite rule for demonstrating His principle of healing and preventing disease. This remained to be discovered by Christian Science. A pure affection takes form in goodness, but science alone reveals its principle and demonstrates its rules/
Before discussing the work of Mrs. Eddy herself it