A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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no deleterious effect. He was thus forced to the conclusion that his success was due to the influence of one mind over another, rather than to some mysterious magnetic power. Consequently he dispensed with his medium and used more direct methods. He now employed the technique of sitting opposite his subject in close bodily contact and gazing straight into his eyes until he fell into mesmeric somnolence. Later he stroked the patient's head, sometimes dipping his hands in water beforehand. He reasoned them out of their troubles, using as his text the healing power of Jesus, which he said he had somehow received for himself. One of his patients has left the following description of a sitting :
' Quimby said, " See if I can tell your feelings ". He sat down and held my hand. Then he passed his hand on one vertebra. " You feel sharp pain here ? " " Yes." Then on my left temple, " You have a very bad pain here and it affects the sight of your left eye ? " " Yes." . . . " Now I will explain how I cure. Will you admit Jesus took upon Himself our infirmities ? " " Yes." " Have I not taken your pain in the spine, also in the temples and eyes ? My theory is that disease is the invention of man . . . that man has been deceived and led away, is unable to get back to health and happiness, that Jesus' mission was to break the bands that bound the sick and restore them to health. ..." I said, " You seem to talk a great deal about the Bible. I came here to be cured, not to have my religion destroyed. . . ." " You admit I took your feelings ? " " Yes." " I want to give you to understand that when I take your feelings I am with you not myself as a man, but this great truth which I call Christ or God. ... I want to explain that this is P. P. Quimby's trinity, not that P. P. Quimby is in the Trinity, but that P. P. Quimby believes it. He