A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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iv               THE ECCLESIA AND PNEUMATIC THERAPY            173
believes in one living truism called God . . . and the Holy Ghost is a science which will lead you to truth/' '
As time passed, Quimby began to feel that he was on the way to a true understanding of Christ's healing power and he was so full of the assurance that he was on the track of the secret of success in faith healing that he wrote ten volumes in long-hand, the now famous Quimby MSS.,186 expounding his discoveries, calling his technique the Science of Health. He maintained that disease was a deranged state of mind, that it was imparted to patients by doctors through words that assumed tangible pathological form. When this was known disease could be banished by the rejection of belief in it. In spite of his philosophical mystifications, Quimby was becoming practical. To one of his patients in a distant city, he wrote : ' If I (as a typical doctor) tell you that you have congestion of the lungs, I impart my belief to you by a deposit of matter in the form of words. ... If you eat my belief it goes to form a disease. . . . Like its author, my belief grows, comes forth and at last takes the form of pressure across the chest. . . . All this is very simple when you know what caused it.'
For several years his rooms in Portland, Maine, were crowded with patients from all parts of New England. Some he treated through letters, but most through his head-stroking and his Socratic dialogue.
In 1861, Mrs. Mary Baker Glover Patterson, overcoming obstacles and objections, dragged herself into his consulting rooms. The story of this first meeting is told in different ways. According to more or less neutral accounts, Quimby in his usual way began to treat his patient by sitting down, and after a few preliminary magnetic passes of his hands, proceeded to talk over her problems along lines of his religious-healing principles.