A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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He was undoubtedly surprised to see her prompt improvement. When she came day after day to his home, glowing, radiant, enthusiastic, drinking in his wisdom and hailing his discoveries, he was flattered. For three weeks while she was in Portland, Mrs. Glover was at his side, constantly questioning, listening, discussing the ' truth which he opposes to the error of giving intelligence to matter ', likening, in her joy, the ' master-hand ' of Quimby to the power of Christ's hands to heal the halt and blind. In spite of varying views of their relationship, no one can question that Mrs. Glover brought a tremendous faith and enthusiasm to Quimby and received great benefit in turn.
The official biographer of Mary Baker Eddy, intent apparently on freeing Quimby from any claim of originality to the system of Christian Science healing, calls him a ' blundering and stumbling reasoner ... an unconscious hypnotizer \ According to this version, after the first treatment, which, it is said, consisted of stroking her head, shoulders and back, Mary Glover said to Quimby : 'It isn't magnetism that does this work. You have no need to touch me or disorder my hair with your mesmeric passes/ ' What, then, does the healing ? ' he asked. ' Your knowledge of God's law, your understanding of the truth which Christ brought into the world and which has been lost for ages.' What healed, she told him, was the ' God in you ', that worked through man.
There were some who considered Quimby a quack, but few could deny his sincerity of purpose and his partial success. Some hailed him with such fervour that Quimby at one time published an essay called A Defence Against Making Myself Equal with Christ. As he grew older, Quimby, imbued with the idea that he had rediscovered the universal technique for healing