A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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iv                 THE ECCLESIA AND PNEUMATIC THERAPY              177
manuscripts were passing through many laborious re-writings, which ultimately became Christian Science Mind Healing.
At about this time she established an office in Lynn, Massachusetts, for the treatment of disease through her newly discovered science and for teaching the metaphysical background of her Moral Science. For a few years she continued teaching and healing, constantly busy with her manuscript, which she now called Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures. The first edition was published in 1875. As successive editions were released, the public became curious about her healing philosophy. Mrs. Glover evolved the simple, uncompromising idealism, summarized in three fundamental axioms :
God is all in all.
God is good, good is mind.
God spirit being all, nothing is matter.
Spirit is everything, matter is nothing. ' Spirit never requires matter to aid it, or through which to act/ Sin, death, disease, pain, are the illusions of mortal mind. Contrary to universal belief, they have no real existence.
The negation of the physical extended to every healing system that preceded hers. Medical men worked with delusions, since their ideas were based on the thoughts of ' mortal mind \ Everything taught until then, even by Quimby, was born of ' Malicious Animal Magnetism \ With this stroke she estranged herself forever from psychologists who might have found something of value in her healing practices. In future, only faithful followers could co-operate with her.
In 1881 she moved to Boston and established the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in which she was to teach ' pathology, ontology, therapeutics, moral