A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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science, metaphysics, in their application to the treatment of diseases \ Students, intoxicated with her doctrines, came there for instruction in metaphysical ' obstetrics ' and moral science. Her success grew, and her students propagated her methods throughout the country. Some reported astonishing cures. Nor was she, herself, without practical success. For example: ' An escaped madman rushed wildly into the room, threatening to kill Mrs. Glover ; she said nothing, gazing calmly at him; and soon he dropped the chair he was holding. Pointing upwards he asked her, " Are you from there ? " A new light came into his eyes ; the wildness of insanity was gone/ 25
In Boston she married her devoted fellow-worker, Gilbert A. Eddy. With him at her side, and after his death, Mrs. Eddy bent all her energies toward developing the organization of the Church. She established journals and monthly publications, wrote pamphlets, books, and rules for the Church services, and re-edited her textbook. Her ability as an organizer was not far from genius. By 1890 students were carrying on her work all over the new and old world. Mrs. Eddy's real success came through her students who, journeying to the Mother Church, downhearted and lacking unity in their lives, returned inspired and uplifted. Students of the Science of Christ looked at Mrs. Eddy and saw a saviour. ' Mother ' Eddy, they called her. She was convinced of her divine origin ; she thought it was her destiny to be the ' woman of the Apocalypse ', of the Shaker faith. Adherents of Christian Science could not restrain their joy at their evangelistic success. Prestige, power and wealth came to Mrs. Eddy. As Dakin points out, at an age when most women are looking toward the grave, Mrs. Eddy was developing a religion and a healing movement that influenced the lives and thoughts of millions.