A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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iv               THE ECCLESIA AND PNEUMATIC THERAPY            183
last systematic exposition of its point of view having been published in 1931.248
A similar attitude is taken by Drs. Cowles and Guthrie of the Church of St. Mark's-on-the-Bouverie, New York; by the well-known Rev. Leslie Weatherhead at his City Temple Psychological Clinic ; by the London Clinic for Religious Psychology, and the Whitefield Clinic of Pastoral Psychology, on staffs of which are clergy of different denominations as well as medical men ; and by many other individuals. The work of the Rev. J. Maillard, both with individuals and in his sanatorium at Milton Abbey, is a manifestation of great moral courage and a recognition of the important part which healing should play in the Church's mission to the world. The ' Healing Chapel' at Ealing, under the superintendence of Miss Dorothy Kerin, is but another illustration of the growing realization of the value of this side of the Christian ministry. Miss Kerin herself, who has been healed from various ailments in ways not understood by medical science, is a witness to the possibilities of spiritual healing.
One modern school of spiritual healing is that represented by the Guild of Health in England, the views of which have been expounded by the late Percy Dearmer47 and Canon Anson.8 It is a Christian Society engaged in seeking to recapture and proclaim the secret of abundant physical, mental and spiritual life, such as was demonstrated in the ministry of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The Guild believes the Christian Faith to be a religion ' of power, of love, and of a sound mind ', which comes to sick people with the healing touch of ' strength and truth and love \ They seek to proclaim the power of this truth to transform the lives of all who yield to it ' alike in body, mind and spirit \