A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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' The Guild unites Christians of all denominations because it believes that each Christian communion has its own special treasure of spiritual insight and experience, and that the guidance of the Spirit is fullest where the greatest possible wealth of Christian experience is combined in a true spiritual unity/
The Guild comprises members of many different professions and occupations and thereby seeks to secure the special contribution which each group can give from experience in all the varied ministries of ' bodily, mental and spiritual health \
There is no particular body of Guild Doctrine or particular type of Guild method to which speakers and writers and helpers of the sick are tied.
The objects of the Guild are expressed in four sentences, given here, accompanied by an explanatory paragraph incorporating fresh points which have recently come into prominence in the Guild's thought.
i. The study of the influence of spiritual upon physical well-being. By this they mean a practical as well as a theoretical study of the power of the awakened spirit over body and mind. The word ' study ' is used to indicate system and thoroughness in the work, but the study is animated by a strong, practical faith based on experience. They paraphrase this object as the fuller understanding and realization of the power of the spirit over body and mind. The counterpart of this is, of course, the power of the body over the spirit which is not quickened.
2. The exercise of healing by spiritual means, in complete loyalty to scientific principles and methods. It is their belief that whilst the spirit in harmony with God can promote the health of mind and body, every element in personality body, mind and spirit has its own importance and obeys its own laws, so that it is