A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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iv                 THE ECCLESIA AND PNEUMATIC THERAPY              185
right to seek fulness of personal health by the means appropriate to each, and dangerous to defy the laws of bodily and mental health. They, therefore, work in happy co-operation with doctors.
3.   United prayer for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in all efforts to heal the sick. This must be taken to imply far more than they ' can express in a brief form of words about the source to which ' they ' look for the gift of personal spiritual vitality \ Their ' reliance for health and healing is focussed in Christ. Fitness of life is in the Son of God/ It is especially by yielding in prayer to the incoming of His Spirit that they seek health for themselves and others.
4.   The cultivation, through spiritual means, of both individual and corporate health. Their desire is to call attention to two things, of which the first is the fact that they seek not only recovery from illness, but positive and radiant health. Secondly, they declare that they are seeking the health of the society of which they form part. Those who seek health of God must seek it not only for themselves, but for the whole community of men and nations whose well-being is the care of the same God. The mind in harmony with God is a creative power, alike in its own physical body and in the body politic.
Although the threefold division of the human personality into body, mind and spirit is frequently referred to, there is no attempt to distinguish between mind and spirit on the one hand, or to give a clear definition of ' spiritual healing ' on the other. Indeed, there is no satisfactory definition given even by the 1930 Lambeth Conference on the Ministry of the Church.
A more recent attempt to form a liaison between the medical profession and the clergy is the Archbishop of