A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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York's Committee of Doctors and Clergy, whose psychologist and lecturer, Miss G. A. Graham Ikin, has written interestingly on the subject.108,109
A promising movement is that of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology, ' having for its purposes the encouragement of psychological study, and the provision of adequate training for those whose work requires them to minister to personalities in disorder and distress of mind ', whose Chairman was the Rev. F. E. England.
It is beyond doubt that the Church in its preventive measures is practising spiritual hygiene. Important as this is, the value of spiritual healing cannot be overlooked. All these movements have studied the subject from different aspects, but they have ignored the charisma of healing. They do not investigate it objectively, scientifically, and yet we have seen its importance in the personality of Jesus and in the Primitive Church. It is not without significance that Rudolph Otto m concludes his last important pronouncement to the Church before his death with the living words, which should give new direction to Christian thought and practice : ' For the theologian the charisma, together with the pneuma, as an anticipation of the eschatological order is an essential element of a community which is intended to be a church of the Nazarene. That this church has lost its charisma, that men look back to it as to a thing of past times, that men make it and the inbreaking kingdom belonging to it trivial by allegories, does not show that this church is now on a higher level, but is a sign of its decay/