A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter V
The story of modern psychotherapy commences with Mesmer. Follow-ing up Father HelVs experiments he attempted without success at Vienna and in France to influence scientific circles in magnet therapy. 1 Animal magnetism 7 still held the field despite Abbe Far id's suggestion of subjectivism.
Braid approached ' hypnotism ' from the physiological standpoint insisting that it induced a peculiar state of the nervous system.
Charcot's experiments forced the acceptance of hypnotism as a branch of legitimate medical therapy; Liebeault and Bernheim emphasized suggestibility as its basis. From them Du Bois developed his l rational therapeutic ' and Coui with outstanding success his autosuggestion.
Freud's psychoanalysis marks the most important stage in the evolution of psychotherapy. Convinced of the relation of dissociated memories, recalled under hypnosis, to hysterical symptoms and applying * mental catharsis ' he found that the repressed emotions underlying a neurotic symptom were specifically sexual.
Among those diverging from Freud, Adler founded his Individual Psychology emphasizing the life-plan and fung his Analytical Psychology urging the need of satisfying the soul of man through ' psycho-synthesis1, a term expanded by Dr. Assagioh into lpersonal1 and 1 spiritual psycho synthesis \ Religious experience as higher than the value experience of the Good, the Beautiful and the True forms part of Dr. W. Brown's system, formerly synthetic and now an organic whole.