A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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V                        THE EVOLUTION OF PSYCHOTHERAPY                   223
somewhat of a bridge between the attitudes of Freud and Adler. The neurotic fixation on the mother maybe described as the result of an inferiority feeling (Adler) as easily as a sensuous one (Freud). It is possible that the difference is one of emphasis. Suttie too criticizes Freudian anthropology, and its emphasis on father cults and ignoring the mother cults that flourished over Europe in prehistoric times. He regards religion as of value as a therapeutic measure designed to deal with the problem of guilt and deprivation. The Christian religion has aimed, and often successfully, at a solution of the sense of guilt by its offer of forgiveness, its insistence on the love of God, and upon the love and friendship of man to man as the essential social life.
Jung's use of the term Psychosynthesis has been taken up by Dr. Roberts Assagioli, director of the Instituto di Psuosintesi (Via A. Bosio, 15, Rome).
An important point to which Dr. Assagioli takes a different attitude from that of Freud, is that concerning repression. Dr. Assagioli, while admitting that there are cases in which psychic disorders are caused by the repression of sexual tendencies, emphasizes his belief that there is an important class in which, quite on the contrary, the trouble is due to the repression of the higher urges of the spiritual forces. This is due to the fact that the conscious personality does not recognize the true nature and value of those urges, which it resents and fears as disturbing elements.
' Hence the conflict and subsequent trouble ', said Dr. Assagioli, ' the dramatic persecution of the unwilling soul by the " Hound of Heaven ", which the great and unfortunate Francis Thompson has so forcibly described in his famous poem, is no mere poetic fiction, but an instance of what actually happens in many modern men and women. In such cases the current methods of