A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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psychoanalysis and suggestion cannot avail, and the cure is found only through a complete reconstruction of the personality around a new and higher centre of consciousness, which includes the newly - awakened spiritual energies.'
This, in its simplest terms, is the Psychosynthesis advocated by Dr. Assagioli, which, while including the use of certain psychoanalytic procedures, rejects many of the orthodox Freudian interpretations.
Practical psychosynthesis consists of the utilization of energies, the development of inadequately developed elements and qualities by methods of autosuggestion, affirmation and meditation, the methodic training of weaker psychological functions and the co-ordination of all these in a harmonious organization of the personality. Thus the regenerated personality can start a new life, compared with which the former was little more than an embryonic existence.
Psychosynthesis is, further, a plastic combination of several methods of inner action aiming, first, at the development and perfection of the personality, and then at its harmonious co-ordination and increasing unification with its Spiritual Self. These phases are called by Dr. Assagioli, respectively, ' personal' and ' spiritual psychosynthesis \9,10
Psychosynthesis never loses sight of the truth that the isolated individual, no matter whether he realizes it or not does not exist; each human being has intimate relationships of interdependence with other individuals and groups and of subordination to super-individual Reality.
The same, or similar, conflicts which take place within the psyche of the individual also agitate human groups, where the conflict is repeated on curiously similar lines, though on a wider ground. The study of