A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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vi                   THE ANATOMY OF HUMAN PERSONALITY               239
physical disposition which determines its possessor to perceive and to pay attention to objects of a certain class, to experience an emotional excitement of a particular quality upon perceiving such an object, and to act in regard to it in a particular manner, or, at least, to experience an impulse to such an action \ISI McDougall lists fourteen such instincts while allowing that others might arrange them in a slightly different order :
Names of Instincts (Synonyms in Parenthesis)
(1)   Instinct of escape (of self-preservation, of avoidance, danger instinct).
(2)   Instinct of combat (aggression, pugnacity).
(3)   Repulsion (repugnance).
(4)   Parental (protective).
(5)  Appeal.
(6)   Pairing (mating, reproduction, sexual).
(7)   Curiosity (enquiry, discovery, investigation).
(8)   Submission (self - abasement).
Names of Emotional Qualities Accompanying the Instinctive Activities
Fear (terror, trepidation).
fright, alarm,
Anger (rage, fury, annoyance, irritation, displeasure). Disgust (nausea, loathing, repugnance).
Tender emotion (love, tenderness, tender feeling).
Distress (feeling of helplessness). Lust (sex emotion or excitement, sometimes called love an unfortunate and confusing usage). Curiosity (feeling of mystery, of strangeness, of the unknown, of wonder).
Feeling of subjection, of inferiority, of devotion, of humility, of attachment, of submission, negative self-feeling). Elation (feeling of superiority, of masterfulness, of pride, of domination, positive self-feeling).
Feeling of loneliness, of isolation, of nostalgia.
Appetite or craving in narrower sense (gusto).
(9) Assertion (self-display).
(10)   Social or gregarious instinct.
(11)   Food-seeking (hunting).