A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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fighting, competitive games and an enlarged social sphere replace it. The children in the neighbourhood are more important than the parents. But the impressions of earlier days are not lost.
In the period of early emotionality the child is drawn sexually towards the parent of the opposite sex and is jealous of the parent of his own sex. He is afraid of this jealousy and hostility and develops a sense of guilt with both hostility and love for the parent who does not punish him for his guilty thoughts.
This early sexuality Freud claims to be a racial memory in the Lamarckian sense of the time when the Old Man of the tribe claimed all the women for himself and castrated the younger males if they attempted to dispute his claims. Consequently the young child fears similar mutilation. This rivalry with the parent is known as the Oedipus situation,64 from the myth depicted in the tragedy Oedipus Rex, in which the hero, exposed at birth because of a prediction that he would kill his father and marry his mother, is found by a shepherd, grows up without knowing his identity, arrives at Thebes, kills his father and marries his widow. A pestilence comes on the city, an oracle is consulted and reveals that this is Divine punishment for the incest. Overcome by remorse he blinds himself with firebrands after his mother has committed suicide.
This conflict leading to the suppression of early sexuality and the projection of wishes and fears is responsible for the development of the Super-ego, which in some ways is similar to conscience. It is the force which gives the individual his standards of value and is responsible for the restraints on his impulses and pleasure-seeking.
For the normal person the libido tied up in this bond is liberated during puberty and flows to another