A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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is certainly partly true sometimes, but not always; the complex is not for a certainty universal, and there are factors present in its formation which present other than those which Freud has described and insisted on \ MacCurdy,149 however, considers that the Oedipus complex is universal, but he extends the notion of the complex considerably, and suggests that it is not the actual mother with which the child is in love, but some fantasied object which has been constructed from images of the actual mother, of the mother as she might have been, and/or of other persons who have ministered to his needs, while the hated rival may be the uncle, as with the Trobriand Islanders, a brother or any other similar person who interferes with the satisfaction of the child's desires. To this fantasied love-object MacCurdy gives the name ' Imago \
The resolution of the Oedipus situation is brought about largely by sublimation, a term first used by Havelock Ellis to denote the turning of unmoral or antisocial wishes or drives into social and ethical channels. In psychoanalysis it implies ' the exchange of infantile sexual aims for interests or modes of pleasure-finding which are no longer directly sexual, although psychically related, and which are on a higher social level \ Thus a child with strongly developed auto-erotic drives will become a Beau Brummel, or designer of clothes, or dancer. The individual whose infantile attachment to his mother was strong, will, when he grows, be unconsciously impelled towards adulation of women, in poetry, in his chivalrous social code, perhaps in his excessive interest in social reforms. The over-curious child grows to be a scientist; a sadistic child becomes a surgeon, and so on. In this it seems as if sometimes the Freudians are attempting to put ' square pegs into round holes \ However, if all energy is ultimately