A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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vi                 THE ANATOMY OF HUMAN PERSONALITY             247
connected with instinctive tendencies, in so far as it is derived from the libido, it is necessary to account for everyday interests which are apparently unconnected with sexuality, for instance, an interest in mathematics.
Narcissism, from the Greek legend of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection seen in a pool, is the term given to designate the complete interest in the self. This is a normal phase of childhood, but except in abnormal cases greatly lessens with maturity.
The notion of contrary bipolar emotions or ambivalence, the simultaneous presence of a positive and a negative emotional attitude towards the family situation, is one of the most illuminating ideas that has been contributed to the mental sciences. It is a mental mechanism that intuition has always divined. ' Whoever wants to save his soul will lose it . . .' said Jesus (Mark viii, 35). ' All men kill the things they love ', wrote Wilde, and everyone recognizes the inextricable mixture of love and hatred, passivity and aggression, that makes up the love emotion. In nervous patients these ambivalent feelings are responsible for many symptoms. A young girl patient, being treated for hysterical symptoms, dreams of her father lying in a black coffin. She awakes immensely relieved to see him alive and hale. She is an extremely devoted daughter, inordinately fond of her father. Study shows that behind this excessive filial love is a deep resentment of the father. The patient is unaware that she is struggling with opposing feelings towards the father, expressed in bare outline in the dream. Nothing in her conscious thought indicates any such resentment.
It can now be seen that psychoanalysis consists of a clinical contribution out of which a psychology was developed. In a more architectural frame of mind we turn to the psychology that Freud latef built to enclose