A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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vi                 THE ANATOMY OF HUMAN PERSONALITY             249
criticism; yet just how far this legitimate speculation may be helpful in rendering an account of the psyche, depends upon the manner of its employment.
The Id is thus described : ' It is the source of instinctive energy for the individual ; it is unconscious ; it forms the great reservoir of libido ; it is the region,
the hinterland, of the passions and instincts, also of habit tendencies ; the pleasure-principle reigns supreme in it; it is unmoral, illogical; it has no unity of purpose ; the repressed merges into the Id and is then part of it \
Humanized, the Id is the vital core of our human, including our animal being: it expresses the basic, the ultra-primitive, the initial nucleus of psychic life. From the Id life begins: the child is all Id,
but with the potential Ego gradually emerging. The life of Id is closer to that of primitive man. In
(Reproduced from Freud's New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysts, p. 105, Institute of Psycho-Analysis and Hogarth Press.)
the Id reflection, we see ourselves Adam and Eve in all their absence of conflict, and, with the aid of the paraphernalia of Eden, tree of knowledge, serpent and everything recognize libido as the basic life-force that actuates the psyche from its embryonic to its mature stage.
Re-reading Freud with this metapsychology in mind, it becomes clear enough that the Freudian motivation-scheme is an egoistic product, that the libidos are all integrated in Egos whose total social relation is considered. Thus the father appears as authority as well as procreator, and the mother as protectress as well as bearer of children ; and the Oedipus situation is as