A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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One man's (a) formula is i p ; while another's (b) reads
Thus each individual has his own amounts of
M.F. Weininger emphasized the notion that both masculinity and femininity exist in all of us in varying degrees, and focused attention on the study of ' types \ Jung utilized this idea : a man lives out the feminine side of him through love of a woman, and a woman lives out the masculine side of her through love of a man. The part which is feminine (the animd) in a man is in the unconscious, and comes out only in dreams, neuroses, etc. The part that is masculine {animus) in a woman is also unconscious. The anima is of a neurotic, emotional nature, being feminine. The animus is a rationalizing, logical thing, being masculine.
In other words, what people act out, what they are to the outside world, is an inverted picture of what goes on in the deep unconscious. The theory works out in this way : a charming ethereal girl, full of grace and beauty, who looks and acts the part of a creature born ' to sweeten all the toils of human life ', presents in her dreams a figure, forbidding, large, gross, aggressive. This figure is interpreted as being a picture of the animus existing in her unconscious which opposes the social picture of her personality. If a woman has a masculine unconscious, she will be impelled toward an individual in life who is aggressive and who will overcome her submissiveness and femininity. Her dreams will show these tendencies, but not her surface personality. If she does not follow the direction of her animus in her life-adjustment, conflict and neurosis will result.
It was Jung who introduced the concepts of the extravert and the introvert types,123 which offer ' a system