A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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VI                  THE ANATOMY OF HUMAN PERSONALITY               26l
sciousness and volition of its corporeal owner, past or present; capable of leaving the body far behind, to flash swiftly from place to place ; most impalpable and invisible, yet also manifesting physical power, and especially appearing to men, waking or sleeping, as a phantasm, separate from the body, of which it bears the likeness, continuing to exist and appear to men after the death of that body, able to enter into, possess and act in the bodies of other men, of animals and even of things \
In Psychical Research circles a conception which, if it is not identical with this is not dissimilar from it, is still retained. Sir Oliver Lodge, representative of this type of thought, says that this body, or more refined mode of manifestation is composed of ether, and may properly be spoken of as an etheric body, or what St. Paul called a spiritual body. He contends that by spiritual body St. Paul did not mean one made of spirit but one that served the needs of the spirit; just as by psychical body he did not mean one made of psyche, but the material one which served the psychical or mental need. The psychical body is made of matter and used by soul. So also the pneumatic body is one used by spirit and made of X. Lodge's hypothesis is that partially and approximately X=ether. He argues that this view is not materialistic in the ordinary sense. It does not even claim any direct association of mind with matter; but claims association with an intermediate substance. The etheric body is intermediate between matter and spirit, for it seems probable that spirit requires some kind of physical vehicle for its manifestation. The argument rests upon the assumption that spirit cannot act directly upon matter but only through the mediation of an etheric link. Thus our primary action is always upon ether, which ofifers itself as a substantial, physical but at the same time strictly