A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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Synopsis of Chapter VII
The attitude of psychotherapy to the body-mind relationship leads to the classification of diseases as psychical and physical according to their symptoms.
The early recognition of psychological causes■, helped\ e.g. by Adieus theory of organs-, is vital to correct diagnosis of disease.
Psychological treatment has proved invaluable in dealing with problems of behaviour and physical disorders among children. It has produced excellent results in cases of psychic impotence and also naturally in sex perversions : alcoholics and drug addicts have surprisingly improved.
Hysteria, anxiety neurosis, phobias and neurasthenia all respond well to psychotherapy, but epilepsy even when yielding to treatment has proved a difficult task.
In cases where * insight' is lacking, contact with the patient and the necessary transference cannot be attained; consequently schizoid and paranoic conditions are not generally amenable to purely psycho-logical treatment. Even in illnesses regarded as entirely physical the Psychological is being increasingly realized and the attitude of the sufferer is important.