A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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In a word, psychotherapy is an application of psychological science to the treatment of disease/
Psychotherapy can assist in one way or another in the restoration of tone to the body. Not only is this conceivable, but it is actually achieved. In the everyday practice of medicine and of surgery, mood plays a large part in the curative processes which both surgery and drugs are used to promote. Many patients, before the dynamic effect of a drug can be felt, already state from time to time that they feel its good effects coursing through them. There is no moment in the life of an organism which is not also the life of the mind interpreted in its widest aspect as the integrating process of the body in action.
Adler2 has suggested that the whole body-mind system can be mapped out, as it were, into a series of visceral emotional areas. This will explain the various physical manifestations which give rise to an intermediate realm between the physical and the mental, where the deadlocks in diagnosis take place through the failure to recognize the dual nature of many disturbances in function. No clear comprehension of the process of disease can be obtained in the absence of a knowledge of the effects of organic peculiarities on the mental life, and vice versay of the effects of the emotions upon the activities of individual organs as well as upon the organism as a whole. This conception is of value because it certainly establishes a link between general medicine and psychology which enables the practitioner to consider every state of health not merely as of body or of mind as separable entities, but as states of the person. For example, if we alight upon such conditions as vomiting, neuralgia, intestinal stasis, or spastic diarrhoea, which prove to be without gross infective or other physiopathological cause, it may be