A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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organs, the healthy functioning of which depends upon good posture. Posture is not merely a matter of muscle tone ; it is representative of the organism as a whole. It is an expression of happy adjustment of jnnsrjo outer relations which makes for vitality and harmonious growth. The relation is a reciprocal one. Children can be imagined gradually developing respiratory and abdominal disorders to which are attributed the unnatural postures and the progress of some disease, and attention being diverted to these so that the psychological factors originally involved are overlooked.
The mind can in some respects be regarded as the total of the human organism at any given moment resulting from the balance of neural and visceral events. As a time-embracing process it is thus to be regarded as the historic posture or attitude of the organism. Thus all processes of the body come within the province of psychobiological concepts, and therefore all maladjustments, in varying degrees, within the province of psychotherapy.
This being so, there are no disorders which may not be complicated, if not actually caused, by psychical stresses. These may be recent, or awakened in complicated fashion from the remote past by the reawakening of mental conflicts or by their exacerbation. Failure to recognize psychological causes at an early state is as grave an error in method as is failure to recognize an infection or a surgical anomaly. Chronicity in the mental realm has as grave consequences to health as chronicity in ' organic ' disease. Speaking of the disturbance caused by emotional conditions in the harmonious workiilg of the body, Trotter has stated, ' Disharmonious mental states, such as those due to the clash of individual and social needs, are notoriously apt to interfere with bodily function to a degree and with