A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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duration and constancy that may simulate organic disease and perhaps initiate it \ It is unfortunately a fact beyond dispute that, though the interaction of body and mind presents problems to the importance of which lip-service has been abundantly paid, these problems have never received thoroughly realistic and scientific treatment. This consideration therefore holds out hope of successfully dealing with early cases of functional disorders of the endocrine system in particular, and the other systems of the body economy also by psychic means.
In principle all psycho-neuroses and the functional psychoses are suitable for psychological treatment, so far as the possibility of the psychic elaboration of the material found is not destroyed through mental disturbances of the patient.
The classification of the psycho-neuroses as is customary in present-day clinics by no means corresponds to characteristic differences in the psychological mechanism. According to Individual Psychology this is the same in principle for all neuroses. Adler laid stress on the ' unity of the neuroses \ The choice of symptoms appears unimportant if the psychotherapist concentrates his attention on the aim of the neurosis. The aspect of the symptoms may in many cases be determined physically through organ-inferiority, certain neuro-visceral dispositions in other cases psychological factors play a great part in the choice of the phenomena.
In all cases of disease the psychologic attitude of the physician and of those about the patient plays an important part. To-day we are learning to value it more and more. Not only the subjective condition, but also the objective state of a heart patient depends very much on whether he is rightly treated by relatives, attendants and physicians.