A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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immediate cessation of the menstruation. This suggestion was given in connection with touching of the abdomen, and declaring that the blood flowed into the arms and the legs from the pelvis, and it succeeded in a few minutes. Finally, he suggested good sleep and a good appetite. He hypnotized her again a few times, and ordered the next menstruation to appear four weeks later, to be sparse, and to last for two and a half days only. . . . The next menstruation arrived after twenty-seven days (one day too soon) at the hour suggested, was sparse, and only lasted for two days. She was still quite well seven years afterwards, when he wrote the account.
Originally Freud applied his method to a very restricted field ; regarding only hysteria and compulsion-neuroses as psychogenous disorders and as curable by psychic means. He classified his anxiety states into ' real ' anxieties and ' anxiety hysteria \ The former comprised conditions which, in his view, resulted directly from unsatisfied sexual stimulation, and the latter comprised the remaining conditions. He subsequently changed his views, however, and in common with other analysts, such as Stekel, now considers that there is always an element of conflict present, and that unsatisfied desire alone is not sufficient to bring about an anxiety state.
The role of conflict in mental disorder is being more and more realized. This does not only refer to the straightforward sexual desire for some object, but to difficulties which may arise out of attendant circumstances, such as jealousy and anger directed against a rival. In many individuals conflicts between what is desired, and not allowed, may be a very difficult problem, but although unsettling, are conscious and admitted. In other individuals, especially those who have been taught