A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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tremor, sweating and sometimes nausea or diarrhoea are complained of. Neurasthenia has a similar clinical picture to that of diffuse and anxiety reaction ; but with the difference that it may be a terminal state of one of the other anxiety conditions. The term has proved to be unsatisfactory as it suggests that the nerves are tired, and this is untrue ; for it is the body which is tired. Moreover, the term covers a multitude of sins of omission on the part of the physician. With the very few exceptions where there is a toxic cause, these cases have a psychological aetiology, and therefore psychological treatment combined with relaxation may be effective. In the moderately severe cases psychoanalytic method sometimes proves very useful, but at the same time the patient should be given a philosophy which will help him to grapple with his problems.
Prognosis is favourable in anxiety-neurosis; the condition is curable in from four to six weeks. The compulsive neuroses prove refractory in about one-third of the cases, and require a somewhat longer period. In these disorders psychoanalysis is the only appropriate method, because it is the only method which takes cognizance of the psychogenesis of the condition.
Earlier studies of the psychoses from the standpoint of the psychoanalytical theory were not undertaken from the therapeutic point of view. The aim was essentially to render intelligible the abnormal processes in a way otherwise impossible, and to obtain insights into the significance and origin of the psychosis. Of outstanding interest was the work of Jung on the psychology of dementia praecox.119 Subsequently many studies of depressive states were carried out from the psychoanalytic standpoint, the most important of which were those of Abraham.1 The psychoanalytic treatment was begun when the patient was just coming out