A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the heart as well as faintness, but the most outstanding feature is the ' feeling of impending death \ Patients find it hard to put this into words, but they declare there is a feeling of tension, and the conviction that dissolution will occur at any moment. This feeling recurs even when patients have had previous attacks, and know that death will not occur. During severe attacks the patient may be prostrate, the limbs numb and cold.
This brief description is of a not very clearly defined syndrome, which appears in some ways to resemble severe anxiety states. Such conditions appear to respond quite well to psychotherapy.
It is well known that psychological stimuli can upset the gastro-intestinal tract. The story of the soldier who had his cap shot off to test his nerves, and when told he could order a new cap, asked if he could have a new pair of slacks as well, illustrates one of the effects of emotion on the intestine.
Prolonged anxiety and overwork are known to cause ' nervous indigestion ' with hyperacidity. In such cases where there is no ulcer formation, the psychological side can with profit be explored.246a For that matter, it would be a useful adjunct to medical treatment to do this after an ulcer had gone. As strain and tension from overwork play a large part, the field of psychotherapy is to that extent limited. For psychotherapy cannot remove though it may at times ameliorate fear of the boss, nor can it make hard work easy.
Pseudo-tuberculosis symptoms occur in patients who have had the disease. Apart from coughs, they declare that they experience similar sensations to those they had during the illness, i.e. with pneumothorax. Profuse sweating may occur unassociated with tuberculosis, a worrying symptom to both patient and doctor. If