A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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There are some who go to the length of holding that certain manifestations of pancreatic diabetes are initiated by the continued emotional distress that taxes the thyroid and ultimately puts a burden upon the suprarenals. These become exhausted in their efforts to equilibriate the sugar metabolism of the body until pancreatic insufficiency expresses itself as a persistent hyperglyceamia. Blood sugar curves have been given to demonstrate the transition from a merely functional reaction to stress to the establishment of a clinical disorder of a remote organ and its constitutional expression.
The most fallible kind of evidence concerning the endocrines is that based on the results of administering glandular extracts. A number of cases of psychoneurotic nature have been improved by treatment with the hormones of a variety of glands. In many of these instances, the factor of suggestion has not been properly controlled. A psychoneurotic is often aided by the conviction that he is being successfully treated, regardless of the real merit of the medicine given. Hoskins I0° refers to many glandular treatments as ' triumphs of psychotherapy \ That hormones take the place of miracles in curing these cases is to be suspected.
The late Dr. J. Tate Mason, in his inaugural address as President of the American Medical Association, said,137 (pp. 10-11) ' I fear that some of us become old in the practice of medicine before we realize that the man of yesterday, with a limited amount of scientific knowledge, who in a kindly, knowing, sympathetic way placed his hand on the little girl's brow and said, " We will not let you suffer ; you will be well in a few days ", did more for her endocrine glands, that storehouse of chemical activities in her body, to ward off and cure disease, than anything we have discovered in recent years. So