A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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the good cows. The lean cows suggest famine, which to the Egyptian was always the devastating work of the evil god, Set. Just as well-favoured and ill-favoured kine come up from one Nile and feed together, so Set sprang from the same parentage as Osiris and I sis. ' The history of the world is but the story of their rivalries and warfare ' (Maspero, Dawn of Civilization, 1894). He is cruel and treacherous, always ready to shrivel up the harvest with his burning breath, the breath of the east wind, which has blasted the seven thin ears of corn.
(4)   The lean cows eat up the fat ones. There cannot be peace for long between incompatibles. Set is in perpetual conflict with Isis-Hathor. The lean kine, whose leanness is the work of evil, devour the fat, and so by all the rules of primitive magic they have imbibed their ' mana ' and should themselves become fat (Frazer, The Golden Bough). But what happens ?
(5)   They are as lean and hungry as before. They have won the day, but are none the better for it. The good, fat, prosperous, nourishing cattle and the corn are gone; the all-devouring, lean and hungry, famine-suggesting forces are left barren, unhappy, insatiable.
To sum up : Pharaoh has in his psyche a source of life and riches like the Nile or Osiris, a creative force upon whose beneficence he and his country depend for their well-being. (This dependence does not, however, absolve him from responsibility, since he himself is also a god.) This spring of energy is bound up with his very existence, it is united to the earth, which nourishes him and from which he sprang, and it is the begetter of his highest aspirations, the Sun-God Horus. From it proceeds other desires, the embodiment of the passion of love, as it is tinged with the influence of Set, the worker of evil, the enemy of the beneficent gods, the bringer of famine. Pharaoh's kind and gentle tendencies change